Hong Kong style milk tea
  • March 09,2023

Hong Kong milk tea is a popular drink in Hong Kong. It is characterized by slightly bitter tea taste, soft and mild taste. The production method is more complicated than that of mainland China milk tea. It must go through a tea pulling process to ensure richness of tea leaves in milk tea. The taste of milk tea is bitter at first, then sweet, and finally full of aroma. The choice of black tea for Hong Kong style milk tea is very important. The black tea used in real Hong Kong style milk tea is mainly black tea from India and Sri Lanka. Generally, four or five kinds of tea are mixed, and thickness is uneven Taste and stability and this recipe is a secret in many old milk tea shops! ! ! Many people like to buy Ceylon black tea, but Ceylon black tea is actually just a general term for black tea produced in Ceylon. There are actually many subdivisions. Different varieties and planting heights will result in big differences in taste. Black tea. If you make it yourself, if you are not a particular enthusiast, then mixing black tea yourself is very difficult and troublesome. The easiest way is to go to Taobao and buy "mixed tea powder". This is a finished product that has been mixed. It is very convenient and tastes great. more authentic than throwing it yourself ~~~ I also tried different flavors of Ceylon black tea, Yinghong No. 9 and Lipton black tea bags. I feel that taste is not authentic enough. The best ~~~ The ratio of mixed tea powder and water is basically 5g: 100ml. If you like a stronger taste, you can increase it accordingly, but I personally feel that difference is small, because this ratio is already quite strong, and color of tea soup is already deep red. It is brown~~~~ It is not recommended to reduce proportion , because characteristic of Hong Kong style milk tea is that tea has a strong taste and a bitter aftertaste ~~~ Milk should use black and white condensed milk, taste is soft and smooth, and taste is best. Milk or Sanhua light milk, condensed milk etc. not recommended~~~~~ The ratio of tea soup, milk and sugar is about 300ml: 100ml: 20g. Appropriate increase or decrease according to taste ~~~ According to authentic method of Hong Kong style milk tea shops, you need to buy 1 tea bag + 2 teapots and prepare a cup of Hong Kong style milk tea by frothing tea, drawing tea and frothing milk. But if you make it at home, two teapots are not needed. I used 1 tea bag + 1 teapot + 1 small 2 liter milk jug ~~~ I personally think that teapots are not needed, use 1 No problem with tea bags + 2 small teapots , but be careful and play it safe. After all, boiling water pours from a high place. It is safer to use a teapot, and do not be afraid of splashing water and burning your hands. The process diagrams are all found inInternet. I'm alone at home, and I just can't figure out how to do this when taking pictures ==. . .

Ingredients: 15g powdered tea, 300ml water, 100ml black and white condensed milk, 20g sugar, 1 tea bag 2pcs, teapot or teapot brewing method.
  • 1 Hong Kong style milk tea

    Pour water into kettle A, put it on stove and boil it (teapot on right, sold on Taobao)

  • 2 Hong Kong style milk tea

    Pour tea powder into tea bag and place tea bag into teapot B (tea bag pictured)

  • 3 Hong Kong style milk tea

    After boiling water in teapot A boils, lift teapot A and pour boiling water from a high place into teapot B with tea bags (this is so-called bumping tea)

  • 4 Hong Kong style milk tea

    Then put kettle B on fire, boil for about two minutes, boil until aroma of tea appears (about 2 minutes), pass tea between two kettles through tea bag while it is hot, and pour it back and forth about three times, This called bumping into tea. Thus, tea soup is about ready. Theoretically, it's best to work on a stove fire that can maintain temperature, but if you're not sure, turn fire off and on again, safety is paramount~

  • 5 Hong Kong style milk tea

    The last thing to do to get into milk~ Is to use a certain technique and force milk to be poured from a high place into a cup of black tea so that hot black tea and condensed milk are at room temperature. collide and completely merge with each other. Thus, beaten milk tea will be more fragrant and smooth. The order is as follows: - First, put sugar into pot (cup) - Pour right amount of hot black tea into cup - Pour black and white condensed milk into cup from a high place The most important thing is to evaluate whether a cup of tea with milk tastes good. One of signs is whether it is smooth enough, which is directly related to way milk is frothed. The bottom of teapot, which has been successfully brewed without milk, is kept in a stainless steel teapot to keep warm, and should be used within an hour. When it comes time to drink, milk is poured into it.