Ginger tea with lemon cola
  • March 09,2023

Winter hot drink to warm stomach and protect against colds

Ingredients 1 bottle (I have 2 large cups of about 600 ml) 10 slices of cola 2 slices of ginger (thin slices) Lemon method
  • 1 Ginger tea with lemon cola

    Cut ginger into slices, you need about 10 slices, amount can be increased or decreased at your discretion; 2 thin slices of lemon cut, do not put too much so that it is not too sour, if it is a glass of cola, just put a slice on

  • 2 Ginger tea with lemon cola

    Pour cola into a small saucepan, add pieces of ginger, after boiling, put on a small fire (just a low boil) and cook for 3 to 5 minutes (the taste of ginger will be stronger after a long time, you can adjust it to your taste) preference solution)

  • 3 Ginger tea with lemon cola

    Finally, add lemon slices and simmer for a minute before turning off heat. Pour into a cup and drink while it's hot. It can dispel cold and warm stomach, and cure initial runny nose. .