coffee carving
  • March 09,2023

Segmented aromas of coffee and milk, as well as beautiful chocolate carvings, regardless of taste and appearance, which are so hard to break away from. The production method is also easy to learn, especially suitable for beginners who love aromatic coffee. Follow me to learn.

Ingredients Number of coffee beans or coffee powder per person. Appropriate amount. Nestle whole milk powder for engraving chocolate sauce or caramel sauce.
  • 1 coffee carving

    Grind coffee beans for one person (please spread flavor to your liking) into a fine powder.

  • 2 coffee carving

    Put filter paper on filter glass (before using it, you need to scald it with hot water to remove paper smell) and add ground coffee.

  • 3 coffee carving

    Place prepared filter cup on top of coffee cup

  • 4 coffee carving

    Slowly pour hot water in a clockwise direction until mouth of cup is 80% full.

  • 5 coffee carving

    Pour required amount of Nestle Sugar Free Whole Milk Powder into a cup (or other container). Add some hot water and froth milk with a milk frother.

  • 6 coffee carving

    Continue from previous step.

  • 7 coffee carving

    Shake whipped milk foam well without obvious bubbles and pour it into prepared coffee

  • 8 coffee carving


  • 9 coffee carving

    Draw 3 circles of chocolate sauce.

  • 10 coffee carving

    Using a carving needle, draw a line around center circle. (cross style) Again draw a line from second circle.

  • 11 coffee carving

    A delicious cup of coffee is ready. P.S. I took photo myself, I apologize if photo is not very good.