Walnut Red Date Sticky Rice Soy Milk
  • March 09,2023

Waking up 20 minutes early in morning, you will get a cup of hot soy milk with aroma of walnuts and sweetness of red dates. For health of yourself and your family, try this simple and practical regimen. Material: (cup refers to standard soy milk machine cup)

Ingredients 7/10 cup soybeans 1/5 cup glutinous rice 3 walnuts 6 red dates
  • 1

    Soak soybeans overnight, swell completely, core red dates, cut with scissors, same size as soaked soybeans

  • 2

    Put soaked soybeans, glutinous rice, walnuts and red dates into soy milk machine.

  • 3

    Follow instructions to add water to desired location

  • 4

    Turn on power, press five-grain soy milk button, it will be ready in about 18 minutes