Cup of mango mousse
  • March 09,2023

This is made according to Junzhi recipe, about 3 cups.

Ingredients 100g mango pulp 150g whipped cream, no or no need to add, I didn't add anything biscuit or finger biscuits water: 60g + 20g water 5-10g gelatin sheet 25g fine sugar method
  • 1 Cup of mango mousse

    Peel and clean mango and take pulp.

  • 2 Cup of mango mousse

    Mix mango meat, fine sugar and 60 grams of water and puree with a cooking stick

  • 3 Cup of mango mousse

    Crush gelatin slices and soak them in 20 grams of warm water to make them soft. The amount of gelatin can be adjusted according to your favorite taste. If you like soft, 5g is fine. If you like Q bombs, you can use 10g. You can use 1.5 tablets in middle!

  • 4 Cup of mango mousse

    Soaked gelatin sheets are heated together with soaking water until completely dissolved. Don't use too much water to soak gelatin.

  • 5 Cup of mango mousse

    Pour melted gelatin solution into mango puree and mix well with a spatula

  • 6 Cup of mango mousse

    Pour the animal-derived whipped cream into a large bowl and whisk until thick and creamy.

  • 7 Cup of mango mousse

    Pour whipped cream into mango puree, mix well and pour into a bowl. If you want to add sponge cake or finger biscuits, first spread it in bottom of cup and then pour in mousse liquid.

  • 8 Cup of mango mousse

    Place cup in refrigerator for about 4 hours and wait for the mousse to harden before serving. Before serving, top with mango slices or sprinkle with powdered sugar or matcha powder as a garnish.