hazel dew
  • March 09,2023

Natural and simple

Ingredients 1 cup raw walnuts 3 cups water Amount of honey or sugar needed How to prepare
  • 1

    Remove hard shells from raw walnuts, soak them in boiling water, then remove and peel outer shell and process all walnuts according to this method

  • 2

    Place processed walnuts in a blender, add 2 or 3 cups of water and blend with walnut juice

  • 3

    Take a small soup pot and a sieve, pour whipped walnut juice into sieve and separate walnut juice from walnut residue. Leftover walnuts can be added to other cereals as a staple food~

  • 4

    Put filtered walnut juice on fire and add 1 cup of milk. If you are using 3 cups of water at once, you can skip milk. Stir, heating over low heat, turn off fire after boiling, let cool slightly, add honey and sugar to taste when drinking