Walnut Sesame Rice Soy milk
  • March 09,2023

Most likely, give your child a cup of Golden Brain Tonic Soymilk in morning. The flavors on my table are also varied. Recently, most popular flavors are walnuts and sesame. I don't need to talk more about nutritional value of walnuts. Well, this soy milk is what I call Golden Brain Tonic. It provides enough nutrients for children throughout day. I also like to add a handful of rice when grinding soy milk. I think it has a milder taste and is sweeter.

Ingredients Rice Sesame Walnut Soybean Practice
  • 1

    Soak soybeans in water in advance

  • 2

    walnuts, sesame seeds and rice washed with water

  • 3

    Put washed ingredients into soy milk machine

  • 4

    Add water where needed

  • 5

    Set up a soy milk machine to a wet soy mill