Thai milk tea
  • March 09,2023

Thai milk tea is called "chayan" (sound) in Thai. At a milk tea stall on side of a road in Thailand, just say "chayan" to boss and he'll know what you want right away. . I drank Thai-style milk tea in Hua Hin, Kanchanaburi, Chiang Mai, and 7-11 in Bangkok. After I got back, I really couldn't forget it, so I bought Thai-style black tea powder on Taobao, according to a vague memory which I saw in a roadside stall. I made a delicious "cigarette with a plug" and it's great to use as a relaxing drink at home during summer holidays!

Ingredients Thai black tea powder condensed milk white sugar method
  • 1 Thai milk tea

    Prepare Thai black tea powder (I use hand sign), condensed milk, white sugar

  • 2 Thai milk tea

    Burn a pot of hot water to make black tea powder

  • 3 Thai milk tea

    Stir to bring out full flavor of black tea

  • 4 Thai milk tea

    Then filter tea

  • 5 Thai milk tea

    Darker tea

  • 6 Thai milk tea

    Add condensed milk and white sugar to a cup (according to personal preference, I add three tablespoons of condensed milk and two tablespoons of white sugar to one cup, condensed milk is mainly for coloring and enhancing flavor of milk), pour black tea, stir until dissolved, add ice cubes or refrigerate for better taste (Thailand weather is hot, you need to put a lot of ice cubes in a cup of "fork smoke").