hand-brewed milk tea
  • March 09,2023

It's a rich flavor that I recognized at a hand-brewed milk tea shop in Xiamen. I was amazed. This is best milk tea I have had in over 20 years as a milk tea lover. I bought it after asking about recipe. Lapsang souchong tastes same when I go home. This is my first recipe to express my feelings for my opponents to make tea with milk. It should not contain sugar in beginning, but many people can't stand bitter taste, so I made it myself. The highlight of this recipe is that wooden stick I used is a rolling pin. The specific use depends on details~ PS. The iced tea method is not as simple as adding ice cubes How to brew souchong mountain black tea with right amount of fresh milk and a little white sugar

  • 1

    Place sugar in a saucepan without water and heat it over medium heat until it turns amber

  • 2

    Pour milk into a saucepan and pour tea leaves into milk, caramel will suddenly stick together but will melt slowly

  • 3

    The tea leaves will float in milk at first, but as they absorb water, they will soak into milk

  • 4

    Rolling tea leaves with a wooden stick means using a pestle to roll tea leaves. The goal is to bring out full flavor of tea. If you like a strong milky taste, you can boil it for less time. If you like strong taste of tea, you can simmer more time.

  • 5

    Boil until color of milk tea stops changing, separate tea leaves with a colander, remove from heat and pour into a cup

  • 6

    How to make iced tea: Pour chilled milk tea into an ice mold and place it in the freezer. Freeze it to ice and put in freshly brewed milk tea to blend. The taste has not diminished at all, more suitable for hot summer~