red bean milk
  • March 09,2023

The weather is getting hotter and hotter. I took off my clothes, and I can hardly hide fat accumulated over winter on my stomach. Girls and daughters-in-law must have been tightening their belts for last two days, right? I want to reduce fat first before summer comes To look good in skirts, it's worth paying a small price now! But friends who have lost weight know that it is easy to lose weight in stomach, but it is difficult to lose weight in legs! Belly fat is thin, do a little exercise, drink slimming tea, and then go to beauty salon to push fat, and you can immediately go down in a circle. But if that leg is fat, it will be difficult to lose weight. Even if you spend two hours a day on aerobic exercise, and go to beauty salon for half a day to turn around and rub yourself off, it may not have any effect. In fact, a set of essential oils for weight loss and face lifting in a beauty salon is nothing more than a lifting and tightening effect, roughly speaking, a visual difference that makes you thinner for a while. when I came home and took a shower, he recovered again. Is there a way to lose weight and lose weight without exercising, spending a lot of money on beauty salons, and without taking diet pills? Let me first tell you out loud, yes! This soy milk for weight loss recommended by Tuo Tuo's mom today is red bean soy milk. Red beans, also known as red kidney beans, red kidney beans, red rice beans, red rice beans. The sexual taste is flat, sweet and sour. Efficacy: Activation of spleen and stopping diarrhea, diuresis and detumescence. It is suitable for people with various types of edema, including kidney edema, cardiac edema, liver cirrhosis, ascites, malnutrition edema, etc. If it can be eaten with mullet, carp or yellow chicken, swelling effect will be better, suitable for postpartum. With a lack of milk and postpartum edema, it can be eaten with chixiaodu tea or separately with porridge, it is suitable for obese people. "Diet Therapy Materia Medica": "Eat it boiled with carp and it will cure beriberi and swelling of abdomen." , Boil red beans to get juice to drink. "Compendium of Materia Medica": "Prepare carp, crucian carp and yellow chicken through breast milk." Avoid eating red beans, which cleanse waterways, so people who urinate a lot should not eat. Tao Hongjingyun: "Sex drives fluids body, and long-term food makes people thin" "The use of sexual Materia Medica": "Long-term food makes people thin" "New Edition of Materia Medica": "Qixiaodou can be used temporarily" for water, but not for long-term use.Dampness is mainly associated with qi deficiency, qi deficiency and diuresis, turning into a benefit and turning into a deficiency, and a large amount of moisture cannot be removed. In addition, Chixiao Dou patents water of lower body, but cannot benefit dampness of upper body Covering dampness of lower body really wet anduse effectively, dampness of upper body, deficiency and dampness are also beneficial when used, so they should be distinguished. "Compilation of Materia Medica": "Qixiaodou, its nature goes down, and if you take it for a long time, it will reduce order too much, and body fluid will flow out, so it will make muscles thin and this is evident from this. If you have obesity caused by dampness in lower body, frequent consumption of red beans can reduce swelling and diuresis, eliminate dampness in body, and also have effect of strengthening spleen and stomach. And if red beans and soybeans are used to make soy milk, saponins contained in soybeans can reduce blood lipid levels and at same time prevent weight gain. Soy isoflavones can reduce symptoms of menopausal syndrome in women, slow down aging of female cells, maintain skin elasticity. , beautify and reduce weight loss, bone loss, promote bone formation, lower blood lipids, etc. Is it killing two birds with one stone, 1+1>2 ratio? Why are you still delaying, hurry up and make yourself a cup! As long as you insist on drinking, you will definitely have a devil figure and a pair of super beautiful legs!

Material red bean soy method
  • 1 red bean milk

    Soak red beans and soybeans in water for more than 6 hours, then rinse and drain

  • 2 red bean milk

    Pour appropriate amount of water into soy machine, select appropriate program - wet beans or soy milk with five grains, press button to start cooking, time is about 15 minutes

  • 3 red bean milk

    After soy milk is cooked, pour it into a filter cup to filter out any leftover beans, add appropriate amount of sugar and mix well. If you like to drink milk, you can add 100 ml of fresh milk. or you don’t need to add it.and it’s delicious without it.Yo