Hibiscus fruit tea
  • March 09,2023

Scented party drink - I recently fell in love with flavored tea, more specifically, fell in love with roselle tea. The color is so beautiful that I can't resist everything about beauty. Having seen roselle tea earlier in a spicy temptation restaurant, I can't forget it. You have to try it yourself. Roselle tea is not that choppy red, but a slightly fragrant and ambiguous red.

Ingredients 5 dried rosella flowers 3 marmalade 2 kumquats required amount of snow pear 5 rock sugar method
  • 1

    Cut pear into small cubes and cut kumquat into 4 halves for later use

  • 2

    Pour some hot water, shake, heat pot, pour, add dried roselle flowers and powdered sugar, add chopped pears (Picture 1)

  • 3

    Add red dates, I use small dates because pot is not very big, adding one can enhance sweetness and blood nourishing effect (photo 2)

  • 4

    The addition of kumquat is also used for sweetening, because rosella itself is more acidic when drunk alone, so it will be better to add less rock sugar and use more ingredients to offset sweetness (Picture 3)< /p >

  • 5

    Add 90 degrees of hot water to brew, this is effect after you just pour hot water, color will appear after boiling for 5 minutes, and you can drink (Picture 4)