margarita margarita
  • March 09,2023

All recipe pictures are taken from Japanese drama "Bartender". "Margarita Margarita" In 1926, Jane Dureza and his lover went hunting, and Margarita was killed by a stray bullet. Since then, Jane Dureza has been depressed, and in memory of her lover, she named her award-winning work after her. It is said that need to add salt to make this wine is due to fact that Margaret loved to eat salty during her lifetime.

Ingredients Tequila 40 ml Cointreau 5 ml Lime juice 15 ml Appropriate amount of salt Method
  • 1 margarita margarita

    Press saucer into heap of salt and sprinkle rim with salt

  • 2 margarita margarita

    Mix tequila, triple sec and lime juice, add ice and shake in a shaker

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