Chilled watermelon juice
  • March 09,2023

It's been sweltering here for a few days now, but this afternoon it's finally cooler. The weather forecast said that it will rain heavily tonight, this week there is basically no good weather. A week of Yangyang's summer vacation has passed, and Yangyang will travel to Hong Kong next Monday to start a week-long summer camp. At home these few days I have changed way Kanlan cooks for me. No, it was very hot yesterday, let Janlan make her some juice. I have a watermelon at home. Yangyang cut watermelon into pieces for me, removing seeds, and just beat it with a blender. The watermelon juice is ready. I put it in refrigerator for a while, it's very cool! In hot summer, everyone can cook a treat for family! Looking red, absolutely no additives

Material Watermelon Sugar Method
  • 1

    Amount of watermelon required

  • 2

    After removing seeds, cut watermelon into small pieces

  • 3

    Place watermelon pieces in steaming bowl

  • 4

    Turn the mixer on in first gear for 10 seconds

  • 5

    Sprinkle watermelon juice with some sugar, refrigerate for half an hour and drink