Thai milk tea (super detailed)
  • March 09,2023

The most common drink in streets and lanes of Thailand is called "Thai iced tea with milk" in English. Rich tea taste, soft milky taste, easy to prepare, unique taste, every minute spiked and brown tea, COCO milk tea, etc. There is no cream, saccharin and flavoring, and people who keep healthy do not need to worry about trans- fatty acid. Make a cup of Thai hot milk tea for breakfast to start your day in style!

Ingredients 500 ml milk, a handful (take it with your hands) Thai hand-labeled black tea powder (available online) add condensed milk to your liking
  • 1 Thai milk tea (super detailed)

    Add 500 ml of milk to a milk pot and put on low heat (this amount is for two people for breakfast)

  • 2 Thai milk tea (super detailed)

    Add a handful of tea leaves to milk. If you like strong tea, you can take one and a half to two handfuls

  • 3 Thai milk tea (super detailed)

    Stir with a rubber spatula until milk and tea boil (look at red pocket on back of kettle, this is a special tea powder for Thai milk tea, Taobao sells a 400g bag that can be boiled many times for about 20 yuan)

  • 4 Thai milk tea (super detailed)

    Boil, turn off heat, cover pot with a lid and simmer for a while

  • 5 Thai milk tea (super detailed)

    Use a strainer to strain out tea leaves

  • 6 Thai milk tea (super detailed)

    Add condensed milk to your taste and mix evenly

  • 7 Thai milk tea (super detailed)

    Into a cup Done! (Because of light, brewed milk tea is orange-red and dark)

  • 8 Thai milk tea (super detailed)

    Place it in fridge and add ice cubes to make it delicious! First choice for afternoon tea