Creamy corn juice
  • March 09,2023

A rich and soft corn juice will appeal to both adults and children. Or do it yourself, make corn juice at home, which is more affordable and tastier than takeaway.

Ingredients: 2 sweet corn, 50 ml light cream, 15 g white sugar, 500 ml water.
  • 1 Creamy corn juice

    Wash sweet corn and clean corn kernels by hand (or use a knife to cut corn kernels along cob)

  • 2 Creamy corn juice

    Put corn in a saucepan, add water, boil over high heat, then turn on medium and low heat and cook for 8 minutes

  • 3 Creamy corn juice

    Pour corn kernels together with soup into a blender and beat into a paste

  • 4 Creamy corn juice

    Sieve whipped corn paste and press corn paste into mesh sieve with a spoon so that corn juice runs out as much as possible

  • 5 Creamy corn juice

    Finally, add sugar and whipped cream to corn juice and mix well