Winter melon longan tea
  • March 09,2023

Seasonal Flavor of Summer (2) Winter Melon, Drainage, Diuretic, Cooling, Fire Reducing, sounds like I don't know how it fits my physique with outer heat and inner cold. But it can’t be too cold to eat, so you can’t just drink winter melon tea, you need to add a little brown sugar and longan to it so that it does not increase coldness of body and accumulate new problems. . This winter melon tea concentrate only needs 1-2 tablespoons each time and you can make a large 400-500 ml cup. Of course, if you like, you can also add ice cubes as a cold drink, which is also very refreshing. I used to freeze it in refrigerator, and when brewed, pouring it with cold boiled water, it turns out not too cold, but also a little cool winter melon tea. The method is super simple, ingredients are not strict, and taste can be adjusted to your liking.

Ingredients 1 large piece (I have 1200g) 250g winter melon 200g brown sugar (hot build people can substitute brown sugar for white) lots of rock sugar pitted longan meat
  • 1 Winter melon longan tea

    1. Wash winter melon and cut into large pieces.

  • 2 Winter melon longan tea

    From a nutritional point of view, peel and core often have very good results, so it would be a pity to remove them

  • 3 Winter melon longan tea

    Sprinkle brown sugar and rock sugar over surface of winter melon and toss a few times with your claws, feeling sugar adhere to surface of winter melon

  • 4

    Cover and marinate overnight, winter melon releases a lot of water

  • 5

    Add rock sugar, sprinkle with longan meat and put on stove

  • 6

    4. First bring to a boil over high heat. At this time, you will find that more water comes out, more water is added, and winter melon and other ingredients disappear.

  • 7

    Turn on a small fire and continue to boil until water is about 1/4 thick

  • 8

    Try this time, it's very sweet. And winter melon juice is getting thicker and thicker

  • 9

    Let cool slightly and strain through a double layer of cheesecloth

  • 10

    7. Squeeze hard while there is moisture, squeeze hard

  • 11

    Actually, prepared winter melon tea basically melted winter melon meat, leaving only skin, river and longan meat, which is already very easily squeezed out

  • 12

    Slag after squeezing water looks like this, it is dry and there is no water in it

  • 13

    After winter melon tea has cooled, pour it into a hot bottle and store it in refrigerator

  • 14

    Just take it anytime you drink~