• March 09,2023

Then follow Die Er to make your own cup of mocha. After watching cooking process, you will feel that it is very simple. If you learn this, you will also be able to make this wonderful coffee for your family. For powder coffee, I choose Chinese Yunnan arabica coffee. Other brands of coffee are acceptable. If ground coffee is not available, instant coffee can be used instead.

Ingredients 200 ml milk 8 g ground coffee 4 tablespoons fresh cream 10 g cocoa powder Amount of chocolate sauce required Practice
  • 1 mocha

    All materials are ready

  • 2 mocha

    Pour boiling water directly into coffee powder without filtering coffee grounds

  • 3 mocha

    Microwave milk for 2 minutes over high heat, add cocoa powder and mix well

  • 4 mocha

    Pour cocoa milk into coffee and stir well

  • 5 mocha

    Whip cream to 5° to serve

  • 6 mocha

    Squeeze whipped cream into a coffee cup and squeeze 2 concentric circles of chocolate sauce onto surface of cream

  • 7 mocha

    With a bamboo stick, draw 5 strokes from center of circle to edges

  • 8 mocha

    In middle of two points drawn for first time, use a bamboo stick to draw 5 times from outside of concentric circle to center of circle

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