Mint milk drink
  • March 09,2023

Relieve "drowsiness" and "itchiness": spring is here, pesky spring sleepiness, pesky skin allergies are coming, I hate fainting, I hate disgusting red envelopes caused by skin allergies So, what positive preparations are we making before this? #1 on sleepy food list: milk! Unexpectedly, milk, which helps us sleep, turned out to be a big star in getting rid of drowsiness. Because calcium in milk relieves tension, adding mint to milk can increase uplifting effect, and mint has anti-allergic and anti-itch effects on itchy skin, so it really is first drink you should drink in spring. comes! So why does spring sleepiness happen in spring? "Spring sleepiness" is a short-term physiological phenomenon in which physiological functions of human body are adjusted in accordance with change in natural seasons and temperature changes. Mainly due to great climate change in winter and spring, human body needs to adapt through various adaptations. Some believe that more sleep can alleviate "spring sleepiness". hours per day. Extra sleep can reduce excitability of cerebral cortex and lead it to a state of drowsiness. inhibition. People will become more sleepy and lethargic, and more they sleep, more sleepy they become. Therefore, to improve this physiological ebb, one must begin by adjusting regime of work and rest. It is best to go to bed early and get up early; open doors and windows frequently to allow air to flow into room; some outdoor activities that suit you. So why do skin allergies tend to occur in spring? Simply put, when flowers open, cells of skin are also open. Winter passes into spring, and skin is relatively closed in winter. When Spring Comes, Skin Changes As seasons change, we must adapt in order to adapt. Our spring in Zhengzhou changes fastest and climate is unpredictable Combined with strong wind and sand, less rain and dryness, skin cuticle is prone to lack of water, and protective effect will be weakened Sensitive skin Symptoms such as dryness, redness, flaking, itching and dryness will occur pain, and some of them appear as erythema, papules and scales. In some women, it also manifests itself as an increase in number of freckles or an aggravation of brown spots. These symptoms are collectively referred to as vernal dermatitis. In addition, Eucalyptus Another word: most families now rarely drink fresh milk, which can replace fresh milk with a longer shelf life at room temperature. If possible, it is best to drink fresh milk. Fresh milk is gold, yogurt is silver , and milk powder is copper, and milk at room temperature is iron

  • 1 Mint milk drink

    Rinse the weighed dry mint quickly in clean water

  • 2 Mint milk drink

    Pour appropriate fresh milk and water into pot and add mint at same time

  • 3 Mint milk drink

    After fire boils, turn off heat and cover for another 15 minutes

  • 4 Mint milk drink

    You can filter mint and drink