Yuzu honey tea
  • March 09,2023

In winter, you always want to drink a cup of honey-citron tea, sweet honey smells of bitterness. If you eat too much fatty foods, drink a cup of honey-grapefruit tea to get rid of greasy feeling and warm up your body. Sometimes you can freeze prepared grapefruit tea in a popsicle mold and it becomes honey grapefruit popsicle. Either way, it's delicious. But honey-grapefruit tea in supermarket is really deceiving. Where is grapefruit, except for smell of grapefruit peel? ! Honey? ! Or do it yourself. As long as you own heat and boil water, anyone can do it!

Ingredients half a grapefruit about 200 g honey half a packet of rock sugar required amount of salt practice
  • 1

    Wash grapefruit, scrape with a potato or peel with a knife. About 1/3 of a grapefruit peel will do. Please note that skin should be thin, and leave as little white pulp as possible

  • 2

    Soak peeled pomelo for a while in salt water. Then take it out and cut grapefruit peel into pieces

  • 3

    Soak cut pieces in salt water to get rid of bitterness.

  • 4

    Remove pulp of pomelo without leaving white inner shell of pulp of pomelo

  • 5

    Put cleaned pomelo meat in a saucepan, add a tablespoon of water and boil in a saucepan over low heat. When grapefruits are completely scattered one at a time, you can add rock sugar and half grapefruit peel. When water dries a little, add second half of grapefruit peel. This process is very important, be sure to keep stirring so as not to seal pot. (The purpose of water release is to allow water to separate from grapefruit)

  • 6

    Boil water and grapefruit is crystal clear

  • 7

    Hello~ that's it. Let cool and stir in honey. Do not add hot honey, beneficial substances in honey are very afraid of being hot

  • 8

    Mix well and bottle