• March 09,2023

Coffee latte, latte, LATTE, translated from Italian means fresh milk. As name suggests, latte is coffee with milk. Production ratio: 1/3 espresso plus 2/3 hot milk. Just buy a large electric milk frother from Taobao (about 35 yuan) and you can make your own milk frother at home.

Ingredients fresh milk coffee powder white sugar method
  • 1

    Brew coffee with boiling water and pour it into coffee pot

  • 2

    Pour milk into a milk pan and heat it to a boil, then pour it into a taller cup.

  • 3

    Place large milk frother in hot milk, turn on switch and start frothing milk. Lasts about a minute and a half

  • 4

    Pour coffee into coffee mug, then the milk foam, you're done!