strawberry wine
  • March 09,2023

At first I wanted to make strawberry wine because... uh... there's a place near my house that sells delicious creamy strawberries. The finished product has a sweet and sour taste, and of course you can make it yourself

Ingredients Creamy strawberry or Silver rum Siberian vodka Rock sugar Siberian vodka/Siberian rum Lemon method
  • 1

    Wash strawberries thoroughly, select strawberries without injuries, carefully remove stalks, do not damage strawberries, if damaged, do not use them, otherwise you will cry after soaking for a week

  • 2

    Dry with a paper towel after removing stem, do not wet (very important)

  • 3

    You can use lemon juice or lemon wedges if you like. I use lemon juice. If you are using lemon wedges, cut half a lemon into thin slices and place them in bottom of container, then carefully fold in strawberries. Don't forget to fold them. Don't throw rough

  • 4

    Pour in a small lump of rock sugar and add it to your taste

  • 5

    Pour wine just before strawberries

  • 6

    Seal, keep at room temperature for a week, then refrigerate, keep for about two weeks, and shake gently every day

  • 7

    At this time, color of strawberries precipitated, and most of them turned white. Shake well and pour wine into another container. If you have any requirements for wine, you can strain it with activated charcoal and drink it. Leftover strawberries can be used as jam