Summer sweet wine sangria
  • March 09,2023

I bought "Small Food Light" over weekend, where they presented recipe for this wine, and suddenly I got hungry. I improved it and did it once. The first time I tried this wine was in a small but well-established restaurant, apparently Italian, although wine was from Spain. The restaurant is next to school so it's not expensive. The lunch set includes a large glass of sangria. The girl who lives with me warned me not to drink too much because she just got drunk at noon day before.

Ingredients 1 bottle (750 ml) of wine, 1 lemon (sliced), 1 orange (sliced), 2 oranges (squeezed), 60 g sugar, 15 ml rum (optional), some green grapes, some red grapes, sprite (optional)) practice
  • 1 Summer sweet wine sangria

    Prepare fruit. I bought it in a stall downstairs. To clean it, I boiled it in hot water for a while to disinfect

  • 2 Summer sweet wine sangria

    Get a bottle of wine ready. I bought my wine as a gift earlier. It can be seen that it should be of low quality

  • 3 Summer sweet wine sangria

    There is also an optional rom. A baker can have a bottle at home

  • 4 Summer sweet wine sangria

    Juice two oranges

  • 5 Summer sweet wine sangria

    I cut grapes for flavor. Lemon and orange slices. Put in container

  • 6 Summer sweet wine sangria

    Pouring wine, cool it. There doesn't seem to be a fixed number for how long it will keep in fridge and it will be ready to use in a few hours. You can put a frozen Sprite and drink, then there will be foam

  • 7 Summer sweet wine sangria

    I refer to this book, but there are changes. Or pay tribute