stockings milk tea
  • March 09,2023

The so-called "silk stocking milk tea" refers to color of milk tea that is brewed like stockings. The brewed Ceylon black tea is first filtered through a cotton mesh similar to nylon, which in addition to filtering out rest of tea makes it more fragrant and smooth, and then milk and sugar are added. The original creator of silk stocking milk tea (Mr. Lin Muhe of Lanfangyuan Tea Restaurant in Hong Kong) used a special bag made of white cloth, but now most people use cotton gauze with a metal frame. Since cotton gauze dyed with milk tea is similar in color to stockings, and nylon mesh soaked in milk tea is very similar in color to stockings, it is a mistake to think that milk tea from silk stockings was originally filtered with silk stockings. Hong Kong style milk tea is a unique drink in Hong Kong, which is characterized by a bitter taste of tea, mild and mild flavor

Ingredients 1 pack of Lipton black tea 200 ml Drinking water 40 ml of Sanhua full-fat condensed milk amount of sugar
  • 1

    Tea bag in a cup, boil water, pour into a cup over high heat

  • 2

    Cover cup and simmer for 2-3 minutes

  • 3

    Take out tea bag, put it in another empty cup and quickly pour full cup into it

  • 4

    This step, repeated 6 times, is called "breaking tea".

  • 5

    After tea is ready, pour condensed milk into one of empty cups and quickly pour black tea into the condensed milk

  • 6

    Add sweetened condensed milk and honey to taste