Plain Lemonade / Lemonade
  • March 09,2023

Fresh Lemon Balm Flavor Easy Method, from Paula Dean's kitchen, I love this old lady, she's so kind! Her recipe has a lot of reviews, and everyone loves it. If you also like to drink lemonade, why not try this recipe, it tastes better than one you bought.

Ingredients 6 lemons 1 cup fine sugar 1/2 cup water appropriate amount or cold water ice cubes Practice
  • 1 Plain Lemonade / Lemonade

    Cut 5 lemons in half and squeeze out juice. Left one lemon sliced ​​for use in the cup

  • 2 Plain Lemonade / Lemonade

    Add 1/2 cup water to fine granulated sugar and heat until sugar melts and turns into plain sugar water

  • 3 Plain Lemonade / Lemonade

    Add previously squeezed lemon juice and mix well

  • 4 Plain Lemonade / Lemonade

    Add ice cubes and mint leaves to a large water glass, strain and top with 3 lemon syrup

  • 5 Plain Lemonade / Lemonade

    At end, add cold boiled water and fill glass with water