plum syrup
  • March 09,2023

Summer snack drink - plums I bought at supermarket are very bright red. I thought they were supposed to be delicious, but they were very sour when I ate them and they were left there for no one to eat. I used it to make a kind of sugar water. I did not expect sweet and sour taste to be super delicious. After cooling in refrigerator, taste becomes even more refreshing and delicious. Very appetizing, color is purple, and it is also very beautiful. unexpected effect- really screwed up. . . . . . I really feel like it's too tasty to drink so I don't recommend it haha. . . . . . This is very easy to make and can be done in a few minutes.

Ingredients: 10 plums, a handful of rock sugar.
  • 1

    Rinse plums with water

  • 2

    Pour required amount of water into pan and pour in washed plums

  • 3

    Turn on a high heat, start cooking, turn on a low heat and cook until plums have blossomed, fresh plums are delicious, about two to three minutes

  • 4 plum syrup

    Pour in rock sugar and cook for another two minutes. Stirring with a spoon, red and yellow flesh of plums will be exposed, and sugar water will become a little viscous. After cooling, put it in refrigerator and cool a little. It tastes amazingly delicious.