• March 09,2023

This is double flush method

Ingredients 30 g coffee beans Appropriate amount of milk Method
  • 1

    First, add milk to about 80 degrees

  • 2

    Place coffee beans in grinder and grind them, usually about 30 grams of coffee beans per cup (about 4 scoops)

  • 3

    Pour hot water back into pot, turn on heat and boil

  • 4

    Pour ground coffee into a container, put on a pot of boiling water, counting from moment when boiling water rushes up, it is best to brew coffee for 1 minute

  • 5

    After brewing, when all liquid has drained, you can open part of middle of coffee grounds

  • 6

    Start a second boil (this is called double rinse method) and cook for 50 seconds a second time

  • 7

    Put warmed milk into bubble pot

  • 8

    Start frothing milk, remove frothed milk

  • 9

    Pour milk into a cup and add milk foam

  • 10

    At end, slowly pour brewed coffee so that dance latte is just right