banana smoothie
  • March 09,2023

In hot summer you always want to drink something cold. The refrigerator in our house is clearly not enough in summer. In addition to uninterrupted kefir and Yakult in refrigerator every day, these are fruits of that melon and that melon. The two Locke kettles that I bought earlier are also quite moisturizing. One with ice in mineral spring honey and iced lemon slices~ Under my guidance, Xianggong also enjoys watching Beijing Life Channel just as much as I do. From 6 o'clock every night, in addition to delicious food, there are also various life tips and a little bit of knowledge. It's quite practical~~Recently, TV shows how to make iced drinks in summer, but most iced drinks need to be made with a blender. The function is simple, only used for squeezing juice and making milkshakes, very convenient in summer. For last two days since I bought it, I have been climbing every day. My favorite iced shake, cool and sweet banana milkshake. Of course, my spouse has to make drops, haha. My husband came home tonight and I pestered him to make me this milkshake. By way, I chose two small leaves of fresh mint in a pot for decoration. Fresh banana milkshake here—

Ingredients: one banana, two cups of frozen yogurt, two to three ice cubes
  • 1

    Throw ice cubes into a blender, put frozen yogurt into a blender

  • 2

    Cut bananas into small pieces and put them in a blender

  • 3

    Start stirring, ready for a minute