menstrual angel three red soups
  • March 09,2023

The so-called "three reds" are red dates, brown sugar and red fruits (hawthorn). I have severe dysmenorrhea and my body is cold. I used to drink brown sugar water and take traditional Chinese medicine, but it didn't work. Later, I found that effect of hawthorn nourishes yin, promotes blood circulation, and removes blood stasis is really good. Adding brown sugar to warm body and red dates to replenish qi and blood, dysmenorrhea is much better.

Ingredients: a few dried hawthorn slices, a few dried red dates, required amount of brown sugar.
  • 1

    Rinse hawthorn and red dates with water.

  • 2

    Add water and bring to a boil. At this time, take out soft red dates and cut them into pieces before tossing.

  • 3

    Add appropriate amount of brown sugar, turn on low heat and simmer until you like it.