Mojito cocktail
  • March 09,2023

Mojito cocktails are not strong, but after drinking a glass, your face will turn red, like girlish shyness. The taste is very fresh, a little green, a little sweet, like pure first love. It was my first cocktail and it was lime's first love.

Ingredients 45 ml white rum 1/4 lime 1/4 lemon 2 teaspoons white sugar 150 ml soda water 1 mint stick 1 cup crushed ice
  • 1

    Wash mint, soak for a while in water, remove tender tip, and rub rest with white sugar

  • 2

    Put mint in cup

  • 3

    Cut lime and lemon into sharp corners, squeeze juice accordingly and put lime and lemon into cup

  • 4

    Put ice cubes in glass

  • 5

    Pour in rum, then sparkling water, and finally garnish with mint tips