cold orange tea
  • March 09,2023

Ingredients 4 green oranges 2 g green tea leaves 50-60 ml fructose 500 ml hot water ice cubes required

  • 1 cold orange tea

    The picture only shows a small box of 10 ml fructose, but 5 ml is actually used.

  • 2 cold orange tea

    Pour green tea leaves into a heat-resistant cup and pour boiling water

  • 3 cold orange tea

    After soaking tea leaves to make green tea, cool it to room temperature and refrigerate to make iced green tea

  • 4 cold orange tea

    Cut a green orange in half and use 3-4 green oranges per cup of iced tea (500 ml).

  • 5 cold orange tea

    After green oranges are sliced, take 2 green oranges and squeeze juice into a cup, and drop remaining 2 green oranges directly into cup without squeezing juice. Because squeezed green oranges will float to top of water after they are added to water, and unjuiced ones will sink to bottom of bottle, leaving green oranges on top and bottom, which will look better

  • 6 cold orange tea

    At this time, add fructose

  • 7 cold orange tea

    Pour iced green tea into a cup

  • 8 cold orange tea

    Before drinking, add ice cubes and your orange iced tea is ready