Matcha with golden section ice
  • March 09,2023

Fan Zi from "Tea Time in Kyoto! Japanese Dessert Matcha Bliss" "Slightly sweet taste brings out original aroma and bitterness of matcha to maximum. Accurately weigh matcha, water and fine sugar, mix and add plenty of ice cubes, pour into a glass and serve Yes."

Ingredients: 3 g matcha powder, 14 g fine sugar, 150 ml cold water, required number of ice cubes.
  • 1

    Place glass in freezer and refrigerate it for later use, and sift matcha powder

  • 2

    Place granulated sugar and sifted matcha powder in a small saucepan, mix with mini egg beater, then slowly add cold water and stir until granulated sugar has melted

  • 3

    First, put ice cubes into a chilled glass, then slowly pour to previous step