Drink - beer drink with lemon mint
  • March 09,2023

This drink has a refreshing taste, but not green, with a slight foam. If boiled edamame is added right away, it should be a drink for all ages to cool off and chat on weekend evenings.

It is recommended to add more beer according to taste. One bottle is enough for two to drink Yile Xiandi low-alcohol beer with lemon flavor (Carlsberg Beer Company), lime, a small handful of mint leaves, 1/3 small bottle (350 ml) soda water - in fact, you can also use ice or directly.
  • 1 Drink - beer drink with lemon mint

    Rinse limes in advance with cold salted water, cut into rings or slices, rinse mint leaves and put in a cup.

  • 2 Drink - beer drink with lemon mint

    Beer and natural sparkling water can be mixed according to your taste preferences. As long as you maintain a ratio of beer to soda of about 5:1, in principle this is enough. Of course, I think it's also delicious. use all beer without carbonated water.