Sour plum soup
  • March 09,2023

Ingredients 10 black plums 20 pieces of hawthorn 10 licorice 50 g rock sugar 2 liters of water a little scented osmanthus

  • 1

    Black plum, hawthorn, licorice. You can buy it in Chinese medicine stores

  • 2

    Rinse ebony, hawthorn and licorice several times, then soak in cold water for half an hour and change water several times in between. Prepare 2 liters of cold water in a saucepan, put washed and drained three items

  • 3

    After a strong fire boils, turn on a low heat and continue to boil for an hour, add rock sugar, melt and mix well, then turn off heat. Let it cool down a bit and pour it into a cup of water. Can be cooled. When drinking, pour it into a teapot or cup and strain with a tea bag. Put some dried osmanthus