Pink Lady (Cocktail)
  • March 09,2023

Today I'll make a simple, beautiful and delicious smoothie, improved from Pink Sprite. I replaced Sprite with a lychee-flavoured French wine (a fruity champagne available at Metro). There is a moderate amount of bubbles but no sprite stimulation, a more harmonious collocation and a more refreshing and smooth taste. The name I chose myself, "Pink Lady" seems more appropriate for this drink, which looks sexy, but is actually very delicate. The method of making this cocktail is very simple: it can be made with different gravities of wine and mixing methods to create beautiful layers.

Ingredients Wine Baroa with lychee (fruit champagne) a little dry red wine Method
  • 1 Pink Lady (Cocktail)

    Take a nice glass and pour 1/2 glass of base wine;

  • 2 Pink Lady (Cocktail)

    Take a small spoon at level of base wine;

  • 3 Pink Lady (Cocktail)

    Slowly pour red wine into glass with a small spoon and beautiful layers will come out!