red wine yogurt
  • March 09,2023

Another way to eat yogurt! Super simple~ It tastes great, similar to grape juice and wine. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- Such a simple recipe, of course, you can play it yourself, add honey, fruits and nuts. you can come here anyway. I chose unsweetened yogurt to adjust sweetness myself. After all, what a red wine, it still needs to be a little sour to get a taste of life~~ Don't use too much red wine, just a little to spice it up. It's thick yogurt. If it's "yogurt" with consistency of Wahaha, it will instantly turn into a mush when poured. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------- You've done so much lately, very happy! But! But! Before doing this, read other people's ratings, in short, no! want! put! too much! a lot of! red! liquor! A teaspoon is enough! What brand of red wine? To be honest, this recipe comes from a bad red wine that can't be boiled at home and tastes good. So don't be too picky.

Ingredients A teaspoon of red wine 120 ml of yogurt 4 g of white sugar Optional almonds, fruit, raisins, biscuits
  • 1

    Open a small box of yogurt, mix with sugar

  • 2

    Pour red wine into glass

  • 3

    Pour in yogurt

  • 4

    Sprinkle with your favorite nuts and candied fruits, taste will be much richer~