flower ice cubes
  • March 09,2023

In hot summer, you really want to drink cold drinks. I usually drink drinks or tea. On a hot day like this, ice cubes are a good idea. Pour drink into a cup, put some ice cubes in, take a sip, it's refreshing and refreshing, very nice and cooling. . . . . . If you make flowers out of ice cubes, put these ice cubes in a cup for drinks, it will be very seductive and beautiful, and you will feel comfortable looking at it, haha. . . . . To make flower ice cubes, you can choose these edible flowers, and for leaves, you can choose mint. It is not only beautiful, but also delicious. The added flower drink is refreshing. . . . . .

Ingredients Edible flowers, mint leaves, cool and white. exercise
  • 1

    Pick flowers and mint and wash them.

  • 2

    Place flower petals in an ice cube tray and pour into cold white water.

  • 3 flower ice cubes

    Place ice tray in freezer of refrigerator and leave for two to three hours until it turns into ice cubes.