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money melon cup
  • March 10,2023

A cup of winter melon with bits of money from a crocodile's tail? I think you haven't tried it yet, come check it out! It's often said that summer is hot, but have you ever thought about it because you're not strong enough to earn food? In hot summer at IKEA, Minying Jiawei will go further than you in search of food and go to Longjiang for all off-season food! Eat a cup of "Hexiang Zhiweiguan" winter melon with a side cooker! !

money melon cup

Lotus Fragrance Museum

money melon cup

#粤食粤色色# Today I recommend Longjiang [Hexiang Zhiwei Museum] to eat a cup of winter melon, which one is authentic? This cup uses wing bones as a soup base and is actually a wonderful product! Soup of day is prepared on same day! It's worth trying boss' unique secret recipe [Crocodile Tail, Winter Melon Slice]! Suitable ingredients can make you laugh out loud: [Beef Lychee] [Dice Beef Neck] [Arrow Pork] [Coprinus Mushroom] [Crocodile Tail Slices] [Dice Beef Snowflake M9] [Cold Beef Plate] [Signature Grated Jade, steamed Eggplant] [Nu Chupan] [Secret Mandarin Duck Noodles] etc. The boss also bought 【Cauliflower】Cauliflower is a Taiwanese product that cannot be verified. It is very effective for burning fat and has a refreshing taste. You should try it when you come to store! To cool off from summer swelter and heat, there's nothing wrong with imagining winglet soup and a cup of winter melon! Zhong has 1 mosquito and 1 teal!

money melon cup

money melon cup

Wing bone soup base

Mediocre winter melon soup uses wing bones

It's like Hermes in a cup of winter melon

Know food, drink soup before it's cooked

money melon cup

While soup is cooking, first eat signature "Steamed Eggplant with Special Minced Meat"

Sliced ​​eggplant with minced pork belly, fry and dried shrimp

Zhongyou Special Tangerine Peel Powder

Waiter, you're so weird, why don't you give me a bowl of rice

I'm afraid I'll eat 5 bowls of rice with one dish

money melon cup

Stir-fried double noodles

This double fan is no joke

Though I can't use special words to describe it

But it's roasted with a special shortbread tea sauce from boss's hometown

Shacha sauce has also been modified to suit the tastes of Shunde visitors

Sweet and tasty, positive! ! !

money melon cup

Cold plate with beef

How about D beauty food, I want a cold salad, summer is hot and spicy, it's refreshing!

The soup boils well, let's get straight to point

money melon cup

Beef plate with beef and lychee

Cow plate is actually cow placenta that nourishes beauty

Beef lychee is actually some parts of placenta,

It is also very useful for women to protect themselves

money melon cup

Fatty Australian beef M9 68 yuan/pack

Do not think that M1 is first, more crooked nuts, sharper

What a fat cow, even if you remember to watch time

After leaving fire, fragrant, tender and tasty

It's pretty wild, I definitely recommend it

money melon cup

Crocodile tail money 55 yuan/box

If grass carp makes slices of money, my people in Shunde call it Chuoyu

Can this be called a crocodile?

Crocodile meat with pieces of money is tender and smooth

The outer layer of fat is sweet and delicious

One word

No top! ! !

money melon cup

Pork with an arrow

Arrow pork is more flavorful than regular pork

Meat tastes better

The key is not too bold

Even those who lose weight are not afraid

money melon cup

Beef tenderloin and tenderloin

The most tender part of Niu Niu's body

With wing bone soup


money melon cup

Koprinus champignons with cauliflower

Actually, a pine chicken is called, but chef is a very self-sufficient person

I don't want everyone to be called Quputou Chicken Grouse Songgan

Give it title "Coruminosaurus"

Golden cauliflower is a Taiwanese product that is not subject to inspection. It is very effective in lowering triglycerides and has a refreshing taste. Be sure to try it when you come to store

money melon cup

Iced vegetables 20 RMB/pack

There are no regrets in life after eating.

However, I haven't finished my meal yet

money melon cup

money melon cup

Because this winter cup of melon is raw

Winter melon D meat is cooked only after eating

Use our shop's unique tool to clean winter melon meat D

Winter melon meat absorbs all ingredients

This winter melon is best

money melon cup

Hexiang Zhiwei Restaurant can provide personalized food service, if you make a phone call, we will fix it for you immediately! All homes and businesses can have a hearty meal!

money melon cup

************* Seller's offer******************

1. Book in advance to get a discount

5% off your entire bill

Second, wax gourd cup opens

+1 yuan can get teal/mara cake/cuttlefish mouth

Select one of options

Limit to 1 serving for less than 8 people

Up to 8 people can order two servings

3. Lunch order

In addition to benefits listed above

Additionally+1 RMB you can get a box of personal cookies

money melon cup