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Braised turtle with ham
  • March 11,2023

Turtle has long been considered a nutritious top quality variety. Whether stewed, steamed, or stewed, it is a top notch ingredient. When hosting guests, having a soft shell turtle dish on table will really add a lot of face to host. , Zhejiang has a famous dish called rock sugar soft shell turtle, which tastes soft, sticky and moist, sweet, sour and salty, with a unique taste. It is also very nutritious, but it is very difficult to cook it at home.

Braised turtle with ham

In addition, there are many recipes for soft shell turtle dishes in Anhui cuisine, such as "fried old chicken with soft shell turtle" in homemade dishes, "Farewell My Concubine" in banquet dishes, etc. which are very loved by people. Uncle actually likes to eat soft shell turtles, especially classic soft shell turtle dish in Anhui cuisine, "ham and soft shell turtle"., This taste makes me salivate just thinking about this.

Braised turtle with ham

The following uncle will share his homemade softshell tortoise ham stew with you:


Main ingredients: 1 soft shell turtle, 100g ham, 200g ham, 100g winter bamboo shoots, 4 mushrooms.

Seasonings: 1 shallot, 1 piece of ginger, 1 tablespoon of Shaoxing rice wine, 2 pieces of rock sugar, an appropriate amount of pepper, an appropriate amount of salt, 250 g of broth (if there is no broth, you can use a little chicken broth instead of water

【How to do】

Step 1: Wash soft shell turtles that have been processed in vegetable market, boil water in a pot to about 80°C, then place soft shell turtles in pot and scald skin for a while. remove skin film from soft shell turtles and remove lid. Cut soft-shell turtle into large pieces, blanch again in water, skim off blood foam and take it out for later use.

Step 2. Cut winter bamboo shoots, wash shiitake mushrooms and cut them with a cross knife, and cut ham into small pieces for later use.

Third step: take a saucepan, carefully place soft shell turtle in pot, place ham bones, ginger slices and shallots around soft shell turtle, add cooking wine, sugar and boil broth

Step 4. Put ham, bamboo shoot slices and shiitake mushrooms in a saucepan, turn on low heat and cook for about 1 hour. discard them

Step 5. Take out ham and slice it, put it back in pan and carefully spread it out, season with salt to taste and a little pepper to remove fishy smell

This completes Anhui cuisine's homemade softshell tortoise stew with ham, isn't it very simple?

Braised turtle with ham

Tips: Do not pre-cut ham, so that after a long stewing it will be easy to put out on wood. When you buy ham, you can ask merchant to give you some as a gift, uncle asks merchant for it. The soft shell turtle should not forget about scalding, skin film should be removed.