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Palgongsan Tofu
  • March 11,2023

Does your family love tofu?

Tofu is very common in our lives. White and tender tofu is rich in nutrients and has a long history. My country is also home to tofu.

It is said that Liu An, King of Huai'an, was first to invent tofu. At that time, King Huai'an's mother was ill and could not eat large soybeans. Later, Liu An's mother ate this kind of soybeans. tofu flower, and her condition was very good. This practice also began to spread among people.

Palgongsan Tofu

The tofu we eat today is usually bought at supermarket. Some of them are delicious and others are not.

Next, I will talk about these four types of tofu, each of which is most popular brand of tofu among locals based on big data statistics. These tofus are tasty and rich in nutritional value and are called "vegetable meats". " .

Palgongsan Tofu

White Jade

Palgongsan Tofu

Baiyu Tofu is a famous brand in China headquartered in Beijing. Established in 1956, a bean products company specializing in production and sale of tofu.

Bayu was developed from Beijing Bean Factory No. 2 and has a history of more than 70 years.

Baiyu pays attention to quality of tofu, inspects it at source, carefully selects high quality soybeans, and then adopts advanced production equipment to ensure that whole tofu production process is clean and does not pollute environment. free because quality of Baiyu has always been very high. Well, market share in Beijing area once reached over 70%, which is rare with current market diversification.

Bagongshan Tofu in Huainan, Anhui

Palgongsan Tofu

Tofu Bagongshan in Huainan, Anhui, is very famous. In other regions, there is still debate about whether it is sweet or salty. You can already make dumpling wrappers from tofu in Huainan.

Palgongshan tofu has characteristics of crystal-clear, delicate texture, and bagongshan tofu is famous for its good digestion, rich in calcium, two small pieces of tofu are enough to supplement an adult's diet. The quality of tofu is very popular with locals.

There is also an interesting legend about Bagongshan tofu: it is said that Liu An, King of Huainan from Western Han Dynasty, stopped here to find elixir of immortality in Bagongshan.

According to book, King Huai'an used spring water from Mount Bagong, soybeans, and brine to make tofu from Mount Bagong. As everyone can imagine, he didn't get elixir, but unexpectedly got delicious bagong mountain tofu.

According to Huainan locals, how good is tofu in Bagongshan, Huainan? Even dried tofu made from tofu is much tastier than golden tofu on TV.

Palgongsan Tofu

Tofu Palgongshan is also called "Four Seasons Tofu" because it can be eaten all year round. It is made from high quality soybeans and Bagongshan's unique mountain spring water. , local farmers can make it in almost every family, and tofu they make is "fresh, tender, thin and white", good quality and not found anywhere else. open.

Have you tried this Anhui specialty tofu?

Warm Tofu

Palgongsan Tofu

Many foreigners wonder when they hear name of warm tofu. Can tofu be divided into "cold" and "hot"?

If you live in Northeast, you will smile knowingly. This is about tofu in Northeast.

As we all know, soybeans are indispensable for making tofu, so question is where is best place to grow soybeans? Ten people can have ten opinions, but if soybeans are number one in Northeast, there should be no objection.

As we all know, Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang are famous for their black soil, black soil means fertile soil and high quality crops.

The North East is rich in soybeans, all of which are well-known brands sold internationally. The quality is much better than soybeans grown in conventional lands. Naturally, tofu made from such high quality soybeans is not much worse.

Palgongsan Tofu

Many people in Northeast are used to eating northeastern tofu, but they can no longer eat tofu from other places because it tastes so different. Northeastern warm tofu is known for its mild flavor and strong bean flavor. if you go to other places to eat tofu, you will smell beans.

Sichuan Yibin Shahe Tofu

Palgongsan Tofu

Yibin has a excellent geographic location at junction of Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan. You may not get impression of this place. Do you know famous Wulianye?

Wuliangye selects a site here and uses local high-quality water to produce wine.

People in Yibin area love to eat tofu, so they started growing soybeans, and because of high quality of water, local water is sweet and pure, it is best drinking water, and best soybeans are added first class.

Palgongsan Tofu

It's hard to think if tofu produced in this way is tasty because Shahe's tofu is famous and people in Sichuan love to eat this tofu.

Palgongsan Tofu

By way, how do you choose good quality tofu?

There are two main points: 1. High quality tofu is milky white and light yellow in color. This type of tofu is made from high quality soybeans. Such low-quality tofu is gray in color, dull in color, and of poor quality.

2. High-quality tofu has good elasticity, tender and smooth to touch, and has a finished surface shape, while low-quality tofu is sticky, and there is a big difference to the touch.