Anhui Cuisine

Crispy waist with mussels
  • August 01,2023


Mussel (fresh) (75g), pork kidney (180g).


Ham (25 grams).


Salt (4 grams), monosodium glutamate (2 grams), rock sugar (2 grams), shallots (10 grams), rice wine (5 grams), ginger (10 grams), chicken oil (10 grams) .


1. Remove skin film from pork loin, make an incision 3.3 cm long on loin and wash off blood;

2. Boil in a saucepan with chicken soup until crispy, remove and transfer to a bowl, pour over pork loin soup and soak until it becomes soft;

3. Wash mussels, put in a large bowl, fill with water, steam in a basket and take out;

4. Take out mussels (descale soup and keep for use), take out all stuff, wash it and put it on one side of soup plate;

5. Cut kidneys into slices 0.2 cm thick and put them on other side of mussels;

6. Cut ham into slices and put them in middle;

7. Add refined salt, rock sugar, green onions, ginger pieces, rice wine, monosodium glutamate and original vegetable stew soup;

8. Steam in grate for about 15 minutes, remove, choose green onions and ginger, pour over lard and serve.


Do not remove the pork belly from this dish to preserve its special flavor.