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Paleo Fagon Fish Balls
  • August 02,2023

The fish balls on market contain too much starch and I don't know if they are made from dead or live fish. If you have eaten real fish balls made from fresh fish, you will definitely refuse fish balls in market.

Today, I will teach you how to make handmade fish balls at home, including detailing methods and steps of making handmade fish balls, as well as my many years of experience in making handmade fish balls. .

Before I formally introduce method of making handmade fish balls, let me talk to you about what a true tribute to fish balls is.

Fish balls are fish balls, why add words of respect? In fact, word "gong" in ancient times was written as "carry" and read as "gong", which means to beat, which means that this fish ball is made by beating.

Step one: choose your fish

The best way to make fish balls is to use fresh fish that is high in protein, low in fat and less fish bones, such as grass carp, silver carp, herring or catfish, etc., which can be used to make fish balls. balls. But no matter what kind of fish is used to make fish balls, freshness is first condition that must be guaranteed, because fresher fish, more elastic fish balls, and degree of elasticity is an important indicator for judging quality of fish balls.

The elasticity of fish balls also depends on composition and protein content. The composition and protein content of different fish are different, and taste of cooked fish balls also has some differences. The better taste and elasticity of fish balls, better.

The main purpose of making fish balls is to allow protein to form an elastic gel with a network structure under certain conditions, and fat will prevent formation of this elastic gel. Therefore, fish with a lower fat content is more suitable for cooking fish cakes.

As to why fish with fewer fish bones should be used, it should be easy to understand because fewer fish bones can reduce problem of selecting fish bones.

Finally, fish balls of size 3 to 4 should be used to make fish balls. Fish balls made from too small fish are not smooth enough, and fish balls made from too large fish taste stale.

Second step: fish segmentation

After buying fish home according to above requirements, wash fish as usual, first cut half into two parts, and then cut fish bone in middle and belly of fish with a lot of fat. The plate in picture below contains a fish belly and fish bones.

Paleo Fagon Fish Balls

Note. Do not separate fish head from fish body, because it is very convenient to hold fish head and scrape when scraping fish paste in next step, and meat on fish head can be easily scraped off. Only shells of the fish head and skin remain.