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Pigeon with pink soy sauce
  • March 10,2023

Pigeon Practice with Soy Sauce (with spice formula and production process) Pigeon with pink soy sauce

Recipe for pigeon with soy sauce (with spice formula and production process)

Main ingredients: 10 pigeons.

Spices: 30 g Daurian angelica, 30 g kaempferia, 30 g licorice, 10 g cloves, 2 luo han guo (small ones).

Ingredients: Lee Kum Kee Chicken Soy Sauce 3280ml (8 bottles), Yellow Sliced ​​Sugar 1200g, Fish Sauce 600g, Yilijia Soy Sauce 600g, Rose Wine 500g, Guyue Longshan Huadiao Wine 500g, Red Yeast Rice 40

Specific production method:

1. Soak spices: 30 grams of Daurian angelica, 30 grams of kajevan, 30 grams of licorice and 10 grams of cloves in clean water for 20 minutes, remove, put in a bag and set aside. 2 Luo Han Guo, cracked and set aside. Place 40g red yeast rice in a bag and set aside.

2. After soaking pigeons in bloody water, perform scalding operation: add clean water to a pot and boil, place pigeons one by one in boiling water to scald. The purpose of this step is to make skin of pigeons Compact to facilitate uniform coloring. After scalding, put cold water to wash off blood foam on epidermis, and cut pigeons' claws from joints (the purpose of this step is to prevent space in salt bucket from being occupied, and tips of claws to pierce skin of pigeons in brine. The lead will affect appearance) , spare.

3. Use a small stainless steel bucket (the brine is too big to cover pigeons), put in 3280ml Lee Kum Kee Soy Sauce (8 bottles), 1200g yellow chopped sugar, 600g fish. sauce and 600g Yilijia soy sauce, 500g rose wine, 500g Guyue Longshan Huadiao wine, then put in a spice bag, mangosteen and red yeast rice bag, boil over high heat, add yellow chopped sugar. , put on low heat to boil yellow chopped sugar, and then process it. Place pumpkin in a bucket, press plate down so it doesn't float, or if it's not submerged in marinade, simmer over low heat. for 1-2 minutes, then turn off heat and simmer for two hours to come out of pot.

Note: The purpose of adding yellow chopped sugar is to neutralize salty taste of soy sauce and soy sauce, and also to color. The amount of sugar should be adjusted according to taste of region. If yellow cut sugar is not available, yellow rock sugar or rock sugar can be used instead.