Cantonese Cuisine

Crab balls in clear soup
  • April 07,2023

Crab balls in clear soup is a Chaozhou dish. The balls are soft, fresh and tender, and soup has a strong flavor. Among them, crab balls can be flexibly made into seafood products such as shrimp balls, cuttlefish balls and snail balls.

Crab balls in clear soup

Main ingredients: crab (500 g), shrimp (200 g)

Accessories: pork (fatty) (25g), egg white (30g), shiitake mushrooms (fresh) (10g), water chestnut (50g), ham (10g)

Seasonings: Salt (3g), Monosodium Glutamate (2g), Pepper (1g), Sesame Oil (1g), Fish Sauce (5g), Vegetable Oil (5g)

Creation process

⒈ Chop off stingers and claws from steamed crab (leave 1/5 of claws attached to body of crab when cutting claws), crush meat of claws with a knife handle and pry crab nails with a knife (if you do not remove crab nails, lines of meat will not be visible , and meat will not be clean), then cut body of crab into two sides, take out meat along lines of meat, cut claws of crab into two parts, and use a knife to break hard shell to get meat;

2. Wash shrimp, absorb water and grind into minced meat;

3. Peel water chestnuts, wash them, cut into small grains, rinse with water and dry;

⒋Fatty meat, washed shiitake mushrooms and boiled lean ham cut into small pieces;

5. Mix shrimp mince, refined salt, monosodium glutamate and egg white with shrimp paste;

⒍ Add fatty meat, water chestnuts and crab meat to make a filling;

⒎Squeeze well-mixed filling into 24 balls, each approximately 20 grams;

⒏Put crab balls on a greased plate, stick champignons and ham on balls, put in a double boiler and steam for about 7 minutes until cooked, then remove and pour into a soup pan;

⒐Heat a frying pan over medium heat, pour in 1000 ml of boiling water, add fish sauce, sesame oil and pepper, bring to a boil and pour over meatballs.