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  • April 09,2023

Pearl in palm of your hand

[Dish Name] Palm Pearl

【Category】 Anhui Cuisine

[Features] It has a beautiful shape, bright white pearls on palm, delicious and delicious, and is a treat for banquets.

[Ingredients] Main Ingredients 10 duck feet, 150g green shrimp, 10 quail eggs, 25g lard, 25g egg white, some coriander and ham. Seasoning 15 g chicken oil, 3 g salt, 5 g monosodium glutamate, 15 g cooking wine, green onion, ginger water, a little flour, 70 g wet starch, 80 g chicken broth

【Production process】 (1) Put quail eggs in a cold pot and boil, then simmer for 5 minutes, take out eggs and put them in cold water, then peel egg shell. After duck legs are cooked, remove bones, cut off tendons, mix well with 5 grams of cooking wine and 1 gram of salt and marinate for a while. Grind fresh shrimp and fatty meat into minced meat, add 1 gram salt, 2 grams monosodium glutamate, egg white, green onion and ginger water, 5 grams of cooking wine and wet starch and mix well to make a shrimp meat paste. (2) Roll duck legs in flour, put small balls pressed with shrimp meat on top, level them with a ruler, then press quail eggs into center of top, stick minced ham and coriander on both sides, and put them on a plate In middle, top box is thoroughly steamed and becomes "Pearl of Palm". (3) Heat a frying spoon, add chicken broth, add 1g salt, 5g cooking wine and 3g monosodium glutamate. After soup boils, add an appropriate amount of wet starch to make it thick, pour in chicken oil and cook "Pearl in palm" on a plate just rise