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Fresh shrimp with egg
  • April 11,2023

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No matter what time it is, nutritional value and good taste are basis of dish. In life, there are many simple and easy-to-prepare dishes that combine nutritional value and taste, such as this fresh milk shrimp with egg. Today Xiaoyi will share a homemade recipe for this dish. Fresh and tender eggs, elastic and elastic shrimp. This is a homemade treat not to be missed.

Required ingredients:

Eggs, shrimp, salt, pepper, Huadiao wine, corn starch, vegetable oil, eggs, white vinegar, fresh milk 50 g, dry starch, chicken essence

Production steps:

First step: open back of shrimp, put it into water to wash off shrimp line, squeeze out water after peeling, put it in bowl, then add some salt. , pepper, Remove fishy smell from Huadiao wine, then add appropriate amount of raw powder, mix well, then add some oil to fix moisture in shrimp, and marinate for ten minutes.

Fresh shrimp with egg

Second step: prepare a large bowl, put four eggs in it, mix well with chopsticks and beat air into eggs, then add a few drops of white vinegar to remove fishy smell and use chopsticks. After mixing well, add 50 grams of fresh milk and an appropriate amount of dry starch and finally mix well.

Fresh shrimp with egg

Third step: Heat pot completely and add required amount of vegetable oil. Heat oil to 30% heat, add shrimp and let them soak in oil for 10 seconds. shrimp change color, take them out to control oil; Put fatty shrimp into egg, then season with an appropriate amount of salt and a little chicken essence, and mix evenly with chopsticks.

Fresh shrimp with egg

Step 4. Heat pot and add some vegetable oil, pour oil on four sides of pot with a spoon, then put shrimp and egg liquid into pot, and then use pan Gently turn spatula to mix, then add a little oil from side of pot and simmer slowly throughout process. When eggs are fried almost to maturity, turn off heat. residual heat to cook eggs and shrimp until done, then remove them from pan.

Fresh shrimp with egg

Highlight key points:

While whisking eggs, use low heat to fry slowly. If fire is too strong, eggs will be beaten easily.

Delicate eggs pair with bouncy shrimp, and eye-catching appearance of this color can make people wiggle their index fingers just by looking at them. If you have elderly people or children at home, you can try this dish, you will not be disappointed!

Fresh shrimp with egg

You can watch whole process of making video with fresh milk shrimp and eggs in this episode in video produced by Chuyi October 4, 2020, see you in next episode.