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Stewed shank
  • March 10,2023

Stewed shank

Recently, my uncle saw that Jinan's pork belly was similar to our boiled pork, so he looked around to find out how to cook boiled pork. Library) and it looks very fat and delicious, so I left a mark in my heart.

But at time I meant not to challenge high difficulty right away, and I wasn't at home at time and couldn't find bamboo stick right away, so it's ok. Today, Uncle has come to challenge more aesthetically pleasing library of braised legs.

The so-called "meat library meat" is pork knuckle meat. In addition to keeping a whole piece of braised shank, bamboo shoots and other New Year's or banquet dishes, this part should be cut into small pieces. , Stewed pork used for home cooking is also a must ~ leg meat fat is fatty but not greasy, and Q meat skin is rich in elasticity and gelatin, and taste is quite good. Those who do not like stewed pork belly and find pork belly oily can use legs instead.

Stewed shank

The so-called leg library is pig trotters. The soft and tender skin and fatty part of pig trotters are pressed together and shaken and placed in mouth. It's Q and firm, lean meat. Portion also came with soup. The leg library refers to hoof. The hoof is part of leg. The exact position is connection between torso and limbs. The middle part of toe is equivalent to our metacarpal bones.


About 1350 grams of leg

Spices: 3 anise stars, 2 peppers, required amount of dried chili, appropriate amount of ginger, 2~3 green onions

Seasonings: rice wine 100ml, soy sauce 100ml, powdered sugar (or two tablespoons) 3 tablespoons, a little salt

Stewed shank
Stewed shank

1. Prepare all ingredients ~ Adding fresh and dried chili at same time will enhance flavor of stew. less spicy. You can also choose not to add dry chili, you can choose by yourself. In fact, spiciness of chili braised pork is not obvious after stewing, but it can enhance taste of braised pork.

2. "Preparation": do not cut pepper and green onion~ tie green onion in knots for later use, cut ginger (5~6 slices), measure out wine and soy sauce for later use. The meat of one leg, weight of each leg meat is different, size used in recipe is just over one kilogram (1350 grams). Cut leg meat into suitable size pieces ~ Pour cold water into a pot, boil it for 3-5 minutes after water boils, then take it out, rinse and drain water for further use.

Stewed shank

3. Pour rock sugar into pan and add some water~simmer until a thick caramel foam appears, then add meat and fry until meat is evenly covered with caramel~Stir meat a little more good. (The aroma and taste is better after stewing meat) Then add pieces of ginger and star anise and fry together ~ then add wine and soy sauce and fry a little while stirring so that meat absorbs aroma of wine and soy sauce, then add required amount of water and mix. With just one click.

4. After that, move leg meat soup to instant pot, then pour in an appropriate amount of warm water (it can be on same level with meat), and finally add pepper and green onion knots, cover and medium heat Bring to a boil ~ switch on low heat and cook for about 15 minutes. , if you use a regular cooking pot instead of an instant pot ~ amount of water needs to be adjusted by yourself, it is recommended to add more. After water boils, turn on low heat and cook for about 1.5 hours. It is best to use other brands of instant electric pots according to manufacturer's instructions.

5. This recipe uses most common direct heat instant pot. Evaporation of water in pot is limited, so don't use too much water, just drain it with meat (if you want more marinade, you can add a little more). Depending on size of cut meat and degree of tenderness to personal preference ~ cook for 15-20 minutes in a direct flame Instant Pot. Once time has elapsed and pressure has been released, open lid, take out spices such as chives, peppers and peppers, and then pour them into pan for final seasoning (you can add salt to adjust if you feel that saltiness is not enough) and collect juice.

Stewed shank

6. The action of collecting juice can also be done directly in instant pot without pouring it out, but effect of pouring juice into wok will be better and more even. Pork skin-Q is very good for rice~ In addition to pork stew rice, noodles mixed with soup and chopped green onions are also simple and delicious dry noodles. Friends who love it can try it.

Uncle's advice

1. The purpose of boiling hoof in a pot for 10 minutes is to soften skin, otherwise bamboo sticks will have a hard time getting through it. (I boiled half a pot of water and turned it over for 5 minutes. It turned out that it was not enough. The skin was in order, but subcutaneous tissue was still very tough).

2.Facts have proven that hooves really need to be fixed with bamboo sticks, and they melt in your mouth after one bite.If you buy osmanthus bamboo shoots, cut them into long strips and marinate them together in a saucepan. , you will know that they are delicious after eating.