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Fried fresh clams
  • March 10,2023

Fried fresh clams

Asparagus is a unique aquatic vegetable in my country. It is also known as "Three Famous Dishes of South of Yangtze River" along with water shield and sea bass. The meat is fatty and tender, with less fiber, high protein content and high nutritional value. A vitamin that helps to get rid of alcohol and helps to get rid of intoxication. The organic nitrogen of delicate water bamboo exists in form of amino acids, even if it is just fried like me, taste is very delicious~~~

  • 2 bamboo shoots
  • 1 green pepper
  • 1 red bell pepper
  • An appropriate amount of vegetable oil.
  • 2 bulbs
  • 1 scoop light soy sauce
  • steps Fried fresh clams

    1. Prepare ingredients

    Fried fresh clams

    2. Asparagus, cut off root and remove skin

    Fried fresh clams

    3. Peel it, cut it into thin slices with a knife, and then cut it into strings

    Fried fresh clams

    4. Wash and remove seeds of green and red pepper, cut them into thin strips

    Fried fresh clams

    5. Heat a frying pan and pour in oil, add chopped green and red peppers, fry, stirring, until the aroma is slightly soft, and remove for later use

    Fried fresh clams

    6. Leave base oil in pan, add some green onions and fry

    Fried fresh clams

    7. Add bamboo shoots and fry evenly.

    Fried fresh clams

    8. Drop some water on sides of pot and stir-fry until bamboo shoots are soft

    Fried fresh clams

    9. Add green and red peppers, then add light soy sauce

    Fried fresh clams

    10. Just stir-fry evenly and add a little salt if taste is strong

    Fried fresh clams

    11. Turn off fire and put on a plate

    Fried fresh clams

    12. Light and refreshing, moderately salty and fresh

    1. If fresh wild rice stalks are not cooked right away, it is recommended not to remove husk. Wrap them in paper first, then put them in a fresh storage bag and refrigerate. They can be stored for about 4 days. 2. Many people think it is broken when they see black dots on stems. In fact, these black dots are a kind of fungus called "smut", which has a positive effect on metabolism and can slow down bone loss. Aging. 3. Asparagus itself is one of tastiest ingredients, and it doesn't need too much seasoning when cooking, besides, my family has a light taste and a strong taste, and you can also add a little salt.

    Nourishing effect of wild rice stalk

    Cold and sweet in taste, enters Lung Meridian, Spleen Meridian and Liver Meridian. Antipyretic toxin, except for polydipsia, diuresis. Treatment of dysphoria, thirst, jaundice, dysentery, red eyes, chicken ulcers.

    1. Diuretic and thirst-quenching, detoxifying effect

    Asparagus is sweet and cold, smooth and healthy in nature. It can increase diuresis and remove water, help with swelling of extremities, dysuria and other symptoms, and can also relieve fever and irritation and quench thirst. She is especially suitable. for use in summer. May relieve fever and relieve constipation. A hangover can also relieve alcohol poisoning and cure drunkenness.

    2. Tone up deficiency and strengthen body

    Asparagus contains more carbohydrates, proteins, fats, etc., which supplement nutrients of human body and strengthen it.

    3. Reducing jaundice

    Asparagus can relieve jaundice and is useful for icteric hepatitis.

    4. Slimming and beauty

    Due to low calorie content and high water content of wild rice stalks, it is easy to feel full after eating. It has become a favorite product for people who want to lose weight. Soy alcohol contained in wild wild rice stalks can remove active oxygen in body and inhibit tyrosinase activity, thus preventing production of melanin, it can also soften stratum corneum on surface of skin, making skin smooth and tender.

    Diet taboos on asparagus

    Bamboo shoots are a cool vegetable. Women should not eat them before and after menstruation, as well as in physical weakness. In addition, bamboo shoots from bamboo shoots are also rich in oxalate. Patients with kidney failure and urinary tract stones should fast.

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