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A dish of duck meat and mandarin duck
  • March 10,2023

A dish of duck meat and mandarin duck

Vegetables for mandarin duck

Vegetables for mandarin duck


Main and auxiliary materials: 1 red worm, 300 grams of Beijing cabbage heart, 300 grams of mustard heart.

Ingredients: refined salt, monosodium glutamate, 1 tablespoon of pork sleeves, chicken oil, flour, food alkali, a little pepper, 500 grams of milk soup, 500 grams of peanut butter (about 50 grams).


1. Wash red worms, steam them in a basket, remove meat and crab roe, cut crab roe into mung bean-sized pieces and set aside.

2. After washing core of cabbage, cut it with a knife into long strips from one end of rhizome at a distance of 1 cm. Connect each 2 rhizomes to each other. Carefully arrange clean oil components in a bamboo tray.

3. Remove old stems and leaves from core of mustard greens, cut each plant into 8 cm long strips and blanch them in water. Add some edible lye when blanching water and wash off smell of lye and heat with cold water after you take it out and spread it carefully in bamboo tray.

4. Put pot on medium heat, add milk soup, adjust seasoning with refined salt and MSG, separate two pots on low heat, put two bamboo shoots of cabbage core and mustard core into milk soup with bamboo shoots, After choy sum becomes delicious, place choy sum on two ends of a vegetable plate (long plate) respectively with heads facing each other, leaving a gap in middle (reserve remaining soup for later use).

5. Wash pan, put it on medium heat, add lard, add flour when it heats up to 60%, fry with a spoon until color and aroma change, pour in cooked milk soup to make juice flour, pour in a little chicken fat, a little pepper.

6. Pour 2/3 of gorgon juice over cabbage core, leave 1/3 in pot, add meat and yellow, boil it and pour over cabbage core and middle slot to serve.


This is a vegetarian meat dish. The taste is delicious and soft. The color of dish is clear and transparent.

【Making a key】

(1) Meat must be shelled; (2) The cabbage must be oiled and mustard must be blanched to be tender; (3) Vegetables should be simmered for vegetables to taste delicious. . You can also add some of meat to milk soup and stew together.