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drunken ribs
  • March 11,2023

drunken ribs
Drunk pork ribs is a characteristic traditional famous dish that belongs to Fujian-Fuzhou cuisine and is mainly popular in Fuzhou, Fujian and other places. Prepared from pork ribs with tomato sauce, vinegar and other seasonings, it has a sweet and sour taste and a slightly spicy taste. drunken ribs

Pork ribs (500g), garlic, egg white (2pcs), curry powder, mustard, pepper, rice wine, sugar, soy sauce, hot soy sauce, salt, sesame paste, tomato sauce, vinegar, ling powder, sesame oil

drunken ribs

Production method:

1. Cut ribs into more than 20 long cubes . 2. In a small bowl, mix some water chestnut powder, wine, salt and protein, then mix sesame paste, tomato sauce, hot soy sauce, curry powder, mustard, sugar, wine, salt, pepper, sesame oil, soy sauce. and vinegar mix in another bowl. 3. Turn on pot with hot lard (500g), put pork ribs in water chestnut powder and egg white paste, and then put them in oil pan to cook for a while, then take out pork ribs and filter oil, serve on a plate. The oil in pan also pours out at same time. Fourthly, crush garlic, fry it in original hot pot, pour it into a small bowl filled with sesame sauce, tomato sauce and other seasonings, and pour over ribs together. The color is golden, taste is sweet, sour-spicy. drunken ribs


Golden color, sweet, sour and pungent.