Hunan Cuisine

Crispy duck with hemp seeds
  • March 10,2023

Crispy duck with pickled seeds is a very tasty and original dish of Hunan cuisine. This dish combines softness, crispiness, tenderness and sophistication and is very popular with gourmets from all over world.

Crispy duck with hemp seeds

However, because this dish focuses on craftsmanship and form, as well as combination of raw materials, it is a little difficult to prepare. This is a very complex dish. Friends who like this dish can still try it.

Crispy duck with hemp seeds

[Crispy duck with hemp seeds]

Materials: 1 fat duck, 5 eggs, 10 grams of ham, 30 grams of pork fat, 20 grams of green onions, 20 grams of pancakes, 15 grams of ginger and shallots each.

Seasonings: 5g sugar, 20g cooking wine, 10g salt, 3g pepper, 5g chicken essence, 30g seafood sauce, 15g sesame oil, 15g white sesame, 5g ground pepper, dry starch , 10 grams of flour


1. Flatten ginger and shallots and place them in a container for later use.

2. Chop green onions, chop boiled fatty meat, mince boiled ham;

3. Place seasoning in onion and ginger bowl, add salt, chicken essence, pepper, sugar and cooking wine in turn, and collect onion and ginger juice by hand;

4. Spread raw duck evenly over surface, marinate for two hours to taste, steam in a double boiler until ripening 8, remove and let cool;

5. Remove bones from duck and arrange it on a greased plate, convenient for frying. Remove meat from thick parts of legs and breast and cut into pieces for later use;

7. Prepare a container, mix eggs, flour, starch and a small amount of water;

8. Add shredded duck meat and shredded fatty meat, season with chicken essence, salt, pepper and sugar and spread evenly over clean duck skin;

9. Put in a pan and fry until golden brown, remove and transfer to a flat plate;

10. Egg batter: beat protein into foam, add starch to make a paste, spread it over surface of duck meat, sprinkle with sesame seeds and ham;

11. Put it back in butter dish, fry until golden brown, remove and drain oil;

12. Take seafood sauce and sesame oil to make a fragrant sauce;

13. Change the knife and put on a plate, serve with pancakes and green onions.

Crispy duck with hemp seeds

In this dish, duck meat is crispy and fragrant, wrapped in pancakes, dipped in a fragrant sauce, and after a snack it is crispy, tasty and with a long aftertaste.